A word from the Director


Bienvenue à LAFA !

I am thrilled to share with you the essence of what makes Los Angeles French Academy an exceptional place for language and cultural learning.

At Los Angeles French Academy, we go beyond teaching French. We're proud advocates of French culture, tradition, and diversity, creating an environment where these thrive. Our values define us. As a community-first institution, we champion inclusivity and respect, nurturing an atmosphere for student and teacher success. We believe in fostering happiness for success, encouraging friendship, self-expression, and creativity. Bilingualism is a collaborative journey, and we're committed to guiding families every step.

Our conviction centers on the idea that maintaining a consistent emotional connection to the French language and culture is paramount for progress and fluency. Feelings are powerful teachers, guiding our minds in the process of learning.

We pledge to share our French passion, using entertainment to make learning enjoyable. Thanks for trusting LAFA with your education!